1. Being an athlete is a job

, yes even at the high school level, so you must treat yourself like a business.

One of the biggest things that could make or break your future career is getting in front of the coaches you want to work with after high school. This task seems impossible to most, especially if the school you wish to attend is on the other side of the country. With the rise of technology and social media, nothing is impossible anymore. Although the coach at your dream school can’t make it out to your game, you can tweet your game stats to them instantly. You can also tag them in your video reel on Instagram. The best of all, you can ask family and friends to share the video on Facebook. The possibilities are endless.

How social media helps:

1. You can network with other athletes around the world and even learn from them

2. It’s easy to gain a fan base

3. Find different events, conferences and camps to attend and be sure to post pics and tweet about the event

4. You can easily connect with coaches and schools that you wish to play for

5. Always promote your highlights and achievements

6. Bonus: Gain sponsors and endorsements

Establishing yourself on social media isn’t hard at all, it’s really the figuring out what to post that becomes challenging. Believe it or not, nobody wants to see you dribble a ball and run the track every time you post on Instagram. People want to see who you are on and off the field. This is what I call “PURPOSEFUL EXPOSURE”. Although things may get personal, it’s for a purpose. Many athletes, and businesses, often worry about staying on brand but you are the brand.


What’s your favorite meal after game night?

What do you do to prepare for practice?

Where do you spend your off days?

What’s your protein shake recipe?

Post about it! Don’t be discouraged by all the hype of celebrities and influencers. It’s time to make your mark. Grab your phone and get to it.

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